FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kulintronica Launch Party @kulintronica

[RQ] 2013.12.29 San Francisco CA

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ron Quesada releases ‘Kulintronica’ a new sound combining Kulintang and Electronica Music

Contact: The Luna Company; (415)729-3598;

San Francisco, CaliforniaRon Quesada, a musician and producer releases new single “Calling My Name” with a mission to make the ‘Kulintang,’ a household name by introducing a new sound called ‘Kulintronica’. Join Ron Quesada and The Luna Company for a special Kulintronica launch event, at 5:00pm on December 29, 2013 hosted by Pa’ina Lounge and Restaurant, 1865 Post Street San Francisco, California. Traditional meets transitional at this anticipated performance by Ron combining music, dance, lights and the energy of the live crowd. This special event features special performances by: Kristine Sinajon, Sheryl Ann Padre, live art by Kristian Kabuay, and an All-Star Kulintang Session hosted by Caroline Cabading of Kapwa Kulintang. There is a $5 cover charge for the event which includes a copy of the Kulintronica “Calling My Name” single.

Ron Quesada is a musician and producer from the San Francisco Bay Area who has fused the ‘Kulintang’, which is an ancient Filipino gong instrument with modern electronic dance music. Ron has created a sound all his own which he has called ‘Kulintronica’. Audiences have begun to follow Ron’s new sound, as he continues to tour festivals, venues and special concert performances all throughout the United States. “Calling My Name” is Ron Quesada’s first independent single release, in anticipation of a full length album release for Summer of 2014.

Ron Quesada is the latest addition to The Luna Company artist roster. The Luna Company is an artist management and entertainment service company, managed by Christina Luna– whose mission is to develop community driven artists to be the forefront of new emerging markets.

For more information on Ron Quesada log on to:

For media inquiries and more information contact The Luna Company at (415)729-3598 and at


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